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Heaven Net is a website that is dedicated to encouraging believers in Christ to rise up and fight the good fight. There is also content for those who do not know God, but perhaps are curious and would like to know more about the Kingdom of Heaven. The main purpose of this site is to equip believers world-wide with resources that will encourage and build you up in your most holy faith and to encourage the unity in the faith that is required for the world to believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

The site contains content resulting from a thirst and passion for truth, so some of the content may seem controversial to some religiously bound people. The idea is to do God's will and shun all man-made tradition which is founded in the fear of man. This site is simply about sharing what God has put in our hearts and minds and putting those same things into the hearts and minds of others. There is no problem testing all doctrines, (even so-called sacred ones). For further explanation of what each section of the web site contains, see below:


Cloud GloryThe Questions and Answers section contains common questions with answers. Many of the questions are the difficult ones, such as "If God is good, why does he allow suffering" or "Did God have a beginning" and even "How do you stop sinning". Other questions are of a more biblical nature such as "Do the wicked burn in hell forever", Was there salvation prior to Christ, and "Do we have to belong to a church".


SunsetThe Writings section contains work like "Pilgrims Progress", "The Shepherd of Hermas", and the "Book of Enoch". Also included are writings from the author of this web site that are unashamedly controversial in today's day and age. Some of these writings include: "The Cross", "The Trinity Doctrine", "The Fruits of Apostasy", and "A Letter to Atheists". Good posts made in the forums, sometimes end up being replicated in this section.


Blood Red MoonThe Visions section contains visions from the second century to the 21st century that are usually of a revelatory nature pertaining to the condition of the Church and how to be set free. Some more known visions include: "The Sword and the Serpent", "Escape from Christendom", and "The Hordes of Hell are Marching". A writing entitled "Heaven and Hell" contains 2 visions which describes the river of life and outer darkness.


Cloud Darkeness GloryThe most popular part of the web site is the forum. There are around 300,000 posts from people all over the world that have come to commend, challenge, or condemn. The forum is a great way to bring accountability to what is written in the web site and gives others the ability to provide feedback. The forum has a life of its own as many members start up their own discussions. There is an area for believers and another for skeptics.

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